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University of Mumbai

I.T. Elective (Bharati Vidyapeeth)

I.T. Elective - I I.T. Elective - III
1 Theory of Automata
2 Data Warehousing & Data Mining
3 Embedded Systems Concepts and Modelling
I.T. Elective - II
1 Programming with STL
2 Database Management with SQL Server
3 Embedded Systems Design and Programming
1 Design of Language Processors
2 Computer Graphics and Multimedia
3 Simulation Modeling
4 Embedded Systems Interfacing and Embedded Communication Systems
I.T. Elective - IV
1 Programming with MFC
2 NET Technology
3 Assembly Language Programming
4 Embedded Systems Programming using High Level Language

B.M. Elective (Bharati Vidyapeeth)

B.M. Elective - I B.M. Elective - II
1 Marketing Management
2 Managerial Economics
1 Knowledge Management
2 Business Finance
3 Design and Implementation of E-Commerce Application