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Master of Computer Applications (MCA) - (Duration 3 Year) (Bharati Vidyapeeth)

Eligiblity : Graduate
Master of Computer Application is a Post graduation diploma course. MCA is a computer science degree which syllabus is based on improvement of computer software in several areas. Three-year long process offers specialization in Application software, hardware, technology, software development, system engineering, trouble shooting, etc. our curriculum focuses on providing strong theoretical background as well as practical exposure. MCA is proficient in offering contemporary industry oriented course in thane. We are determined to create trained professionals who can proficiently meet the demands of IT sector.
First  Year Second Year 3 rd Year
Semester I
  Elementary Algorithmic
  Computer Organizations and Architecture
  Procedure Oriented Programming
  Introductions to Management Functions
  Mathematical Foundations
  Practical (Information Technology Laboratory)
  Minor Software Project-I
Semester II
  Data Structures
  Operating Systems
  Data Base Management Theory
  Accounting and Management Control
  Probability and Combinatories
  Practical (Windows Programming Laboratory)
  Minor Software Project - II
Semester III
  Software Engineering
  Computer Communication Network
  Object Oriented Programming
  Communication and Organization Behavior
  Decision Technology
  Practical (Database Design,Implementation)
  Minor Software Project - III
Semester IV
  UMLand ┬áDesign Patterns
  Unix and Linux Internals
  I.T. Elective - I
  I.T. Elective - II
  BM Elective - I
  Practical (Internet Programming)
  Minor Software Project-IV
Semester V
  Software Project Management
  Artificial Intelligence and Applications
  I.T. Elective-III
  I.T. Elective-IV
  B.M. Elective-II
  Practical (Advanced Internet Programming)
  Minor Software Project-V
Semester VI
  Major Software Project
  Trends in Information Technology (Term Paper)
  Comprehensive Examination (Objective Type)
  Comprehensive Exam (Conventional Type)
I.T. Elective Details
  I.T. Elective -1 I.T. Elective-11  
  Theory of Automata Programming with STL  
  Data Warehousing & Data Mining Database Management with SQL Server  
  Embedded Systems Concepts and Modelling Embedded Systems Design and Programming  
  I.T. Elective-Ill I.T. Elective-lY  
  Design of Language Processors Programming with MFC  
  Computer Graphics and Multimedia NET Technology  
  Simulation Modeling Assembly Language Programming  
  Embedded Systems Interfacing and Embedded Communication Systems Embedded Systems Programming using High Level Language  
  B.M.Elective Data  
  B.M. Elective-1 B.M. Elective-2  
  Marketing Management Knowledge Management  
  Managerial Economics Business Finance  
    Design and Implementation of E-Commerce Application