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University of Mumbai

Bachelor of Library and Information Science (B.Lib)
(Bharti Vidyapeeth Programs) .(Duration 1 Year)

Eligibility - Any Degree
A Theory Papers B Practica
1 library and Society
2 Library Management
3 Information Services
4 Information Sources
5 Classification Theory
6 Cataloguing Theory
6 Information Technology­ Applications to Libraries
C Team Work and Project Work
1 Term work including Tutorial and Terminal Examination
2 Project Work including Biblography on a given topic and newspaper clipping and report of the study tour (Visit to two local libraries)

M.Lib. & Info. Sc. (Duration 1 Year)

Eligibility: 8.Lib.&I.Sc. Degree

A Theory Papers
1 Information, Communication and Society

Information Sources,Services and Systems

3 Information Processing and Retrieval
4 Management of Library and Information Centres
5 Academic and Public Library Systems in India
6 Research Methodology and Statistical Techniques
7 Application of Information Technology
B Practical
  Application of Information Technology
C Team Work

Submission of assignments

1 Classification Practical
2 Cataloguing Practical
3 Computer Practical
4 Information Services and Sources Practical