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Diploma in Bakery & Confectionery (401202) - MSBVE (Duration 1 Year)

Eligiblity : S. S. C. Pass
Baking delicious cakes and pastries is a great delight, though all it calls for is a bit of expertise and right bakery and confectionary training to be competent to do this. Baking is an art which does not require a lot of profound infrastructure and one can simply start earning with a tiny unit at home.

At Sahyog College, we offer finest bakery and confectionary courses to the students. Our bakery and confectionary courses in Thane will educate the students how to measure and weigh ingredients, mix, segregate and mould the dough, set the dough and bake diverse products along with decoration of the final product. The purpose of this course is to make possible for the students to grow and expand knowledge about supplies used in bakery and know-how required for the preparation of bakery items, for business use.
Programme Structure -   Diploma Bakery and Confectionary Courses | Sahyog College in Thane
Bakery Material & Products (Th) 40120211
Equipment, Maintenance & Services (Th) 40120212
Costing (Th) 40120213
Bread Product (Pr) 40120221
Non Bread Product (Pr) 40120222
Equipment,Maintenance & Costing 40120223
Elective 1: Choose any one   Elective 2: Choose any one  
Applied Mathematics 90000012 Applied Science (Physics & Chemistry) (Pr) 90000021
Business Economics 90000012 Computer Application (Pr) 90000022
Physical Biology (Botany & Zoology) 90000013 Business Mathematics (Pr) 90000023
Entrepreneurship 90000014    
Psychology 90000015