Hotel Management|Tourism Management|Distance Education Courses in Thane
University of Mumbai

B.Sc. In Hospitality and Tourism Studies (YCMOU)

Eligiblity : 10+2 From any stream OR 10 + Preparatory
Travel and tourism is the most prevalent and electrifying industry in the world. If you desire to travel around the world and yet get paid –go forward and join this industry. But before you commence on this career, prepare yourself with a Management course in Travel and Tourism in Thane or choose for an MBA in Travel & Tourism.
At Sahyog College in Thane, we endow our students with extensive and international Tourism Management programs such as MBA in Tourism Management and Bsc/Msc in Tourism Management. Our travel & tourism management training is planned to provide you the proficiency and comprehension to capitalize on career opportunities in this speedily growing industry.
First  Year Second Year Third Year
Semester-1 Semester-3 Semester-5
HTS 101:Food Production Foundation - I HTS 301 Food Production Operation Industry Exposure - I GEN101 /GEN103/GEN1 04/GEN 105 English/F rench/Arabic /German
HTS 102:Food & Beverage Service - I HTS 302 Food and Beverage Service Operations Industry Exposure - I HTS 502 Cultural Heritage of India
HTS 103:Accommodation & Front Office Foundation - I HTS 303 Accommodation and Front Office Operations Industry Exposure - I HTS 503 Tourist GuideTour Operations
AEC 101:English Communication HTS 304 Personality Skills for Hospitality - Learning from Industry HTS504 Principles and Practices of Tourism
Semester-2 Semester-4 Semester-6
HTS 201:Food Production Foundation - II HTS 401 Introduction to Indian Cookery HTS 601 Principles of Management
HTS 202:Food & Beverage Service Foundation - I I HTS 402 Foodand Beverage Service Operations-II HTS 602 Accommodation Management-II
HTS 203:Accommodation & Front Office Foundation - II HTS 403 Accommodation and Front Office Operations-II HTS 603 Eco Tourism
AEC 102:Environmental Science HTS 404 Accountancy Skils for Hospitality HTS 604 Hotel Marketing 
B.Sc. in Hospitality and Tourism Studies|Sahyog College of Management Studies in Thane