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MBA - (Part - II) / PGDFM - CVRU -(Duration 1 Year)

Eligiblity : Graduation in any discipline
MBA in Finance empowers students with the necessary business and economic skills to run an organization. Our MBA in Finance course provide fundamentals education that develops skills for leadership, marketing, strategy planning. MBA in finance course in thane create variety of excellent job prospects for students.

Postgraduate diploma in finance management course offers a study of general management and marketing discipline. The course offers, inclusive information about finance management, strategies and its environment for professional from any industry. Course facilitates growth in students understanding about the modern management industry. Course is updated as per the emerging market trends. The Course offers detailed assessment, comprehension of business environment, evaluation of market competition, and growth of technological environment. We empower students by providing them knowledge of the global business sector. With the amount of understanding, students going to achieve from this course it will easy for them to take over any competition. Essentially, the sheer mass of business knowledge and technological progress has overtaken the capability of any MBA program.
Semester - I Semester - II
PGDFM1 Working Capital Management
PGDFM2 Capital Investment and Financing Decisions
PGDFM3 Management Control Systems
PGDFM4 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
PGDFM5 International Financial Management
PGDFM6 Management of Financial Services
MBA in Finance|Sahyog College in Thane,Mumbai,India.