The phone etiquettes are basic, yet they are crucial in client conversations & for building profitable sustainable client relationships. The way the receptionist speaks and greets the consumer, as well as how they handle their questions over the phone, are the initial impressions that matter. Additionally, they are also the part of PHONE ETIQUETTES.

While conversing, the caller should always have a smile on their face to make the voice sound more pleasant.

It is critical to answer the phone at the appropriate time. It should not be received too soon or too late. When we answer the phone early, the caller may not be ready or may be confused about what they need to say. On the other hand, if we answer the phone late, the person on the other end of the line would be stressed or irritated. As a result, the optimal moment to pick up the phone is after three rings.

Receiver must use of good opening lines, which are scripted beforehand and must adhere to it as far as possible. While following the script tone of the front desk staff should be friendly and not robotic.

Receptionist must be equipped with following knowledge components at all times for ensuring flawless conversation.

  • Complete Product Info
  • Extension Numbers of relevant departments
  • Opening & closing lines

If the person on the line is talking about anything essential then important points must be noted down. This is one of the finest habits of a receptionist is to constantly have a note and a pen, so that whenever the phone rings, it is simple to take notes and prevent forgetting things.

When a receptionist has to put a call on hold, they should always inform the caller and let them know how long they will be waiting. If the caller has been on hold for longer than the designated time, it is best to disconnect the connection and advise the caller of the additional delay.

Compiled By
Sanchit Gaware

Edited By
Prof. Shree Patki