After finishing high school, are you looking for a rewarding career? Do you have a child or friend who has to make a decision about the future?

The truth about travel and tourism courses, which draw more students every year, must be known, though.

Numerous travel and tourism courses are offered by both private and public universities. There are a ton of chances in this industry, including managing travel, catering, tours, taking care of guests, and more.

Noting the chances that will work in your favor.

1. Endless opportunities: Since this is a global profession, the abilities you learn in college are readily transferrable. You decide if you want to mix business with pleasure. Students pursuing careers in tourism will suddenly have the world at their fingertips.

2. Creative and people-oriented: Working in the tourism industry gives you the opportunity to be creative, and the job necessitates being flexible at all times to ensure that customers have a positive experience. When people share the word at home, the actual response occurs.

3. Scope: With Thane's travel and tourism programs, there are likely to be a variety of professions available, preventing any student from becoming specialized in one field. A profession as a tourist guide, travel consultant, tour manager, adventure sports activity manager, event and conference manager, holiday rep, cabin crew, passenger ground services, and the list goes on and on, is made possible by taking courses in this subject.

4. Salary in the Travel and Tourism Industry: As always, salary is a crucial topic, so we won't avoid it. A student after graduating can make a starting income of between 20k to 25k rupees per month, depending on their degree, work experience, and skill.

This is also heavily influenced by the types of firms that hire you as your experience grows; with more experience, you might earn up to 35k to 40k.

Real talents that you must acquire or improve to succeed in travel and tourism courses in Thane, Mumbai include resourcefulness, business acumen, and an understanding of tourist attractions.

A professional degree will always be helpful, but anyone may have a successful career in the travel and tourism industry with the correct attitude, passion, and curiosity.

One of the top institutions that provides the best travel and tourism courses is Sahyog College of Travel and Tourism Management.