CLEARED HSC?? Congratulations!!! Still wish to pursue Diploma?? But Why?? Clearing Higher Secondary Exams commonly known 12th Boards makes one DIRECTLY ELIGIBLE to pursue Graduation and therefore isn’t it retrograde to pursue Diploma? Apart from the individualistic set of reasons the sole, genuine & justified reason to pursue Diploma after HSC can be, “Non-Availability of Graduation Degree in your chosen domain” However, nowadays increased demand for not only skilled but also specialized personnel has culminated into proliferation of many specialized UG Degree Programs into myriad domains that are being offered at many Universities and affiliated Higher Education Institutes.

So, let’s read on…
Unlike Certification Programs whose sole aim is to give you only an Overview of the chosen field. Any Graduation Programme thoroughly familiarizes the learner with 3 Important aspects of any domain which are implemented via 3 forms of subjects;
1. Foundational Subjects
They acquaint learners with conceptual framework or the basics on which the Industry is based upon. At the incipient stage the learner gets a brief historical perspective on how the industry has shaped till date and the connected terminologies.

2. Operational Subjects
Operational subjects acquaint the learner with the aspects about actual day to day on desk happenings in the real life work setting. These Subjects are taught in a Semester which includes Industry Internship / Industrial Training as a component. Many Institutes also make the learning real for UG students by supplementing the in class sessions with Industrial Visits, Field Trips, visits to the expos, Industry Webinars, cultural events, industry relevant certifications and much more…

3. Skills Based Subjects
Degree and skills are like inseparable components who complement each other and are incomplete without each other. Graduation Degree opens many gates of opportunities and skills set helps one manoeuvre though those opened gates. Skills based subjects are implemented via lecture sessions with Industry Veterans, clubs & committees, inter and intra-collegiate events and many more initiatives. After all, a Degree without a skill is futile & vice-versa.

It has been observed that well trained Graduate students display more emotional maturity, temperament and prowess in handling different situations while on the job in comparison with the non-graduate ones. This is primarily because of the intense academics and coursework that they had to undertake during their Graduation years. 

Imagine the sheer regret of a person who despite of having a brief industry experience and relevant skills set still cannot pursue his further higher studies i.e. Master’s Degree due to lack of Bachelor’s Degree. So, Graduation Degree truly opens the door for further education.

Graduation ads weightage to one’s CV as it keeps the holder in demand by making them more competitive as all sectors now are demanding skilled Graduates.

Changes in the business environment has led to all sectors demanding skilled, job ready and well balanced graduates who can multi-task. Here, Graduates with specialized skills and knowledge lead the way.

The qualifications in Hospitality & Tourism Industry were once confined to just being short-term Craft Courses / Diplomas. However, as sector transforms itself into being more organized, all of these Diplomas have been actively converted into a full-fledged & Full Time 3 Year’s Bachelor’s Degrees. Thus, benefitting the pursuer to expand their horizons.

Students armed with Certifications with no Graduation Degree and aspiring to fly abroad for jobs may face a major hurdle. Graduation Degree is an authentic document that ebbs out this odd by making Dream Job Application process comparatively hassle free for an aspirant.

In sync with the contemporary and future profile of the Hospitality & Tourism Industry. Sahyog College, Thane offers UGC Recognized & University Affiliated 3 Years full time professional Graduation Degrees in Hospitality & Tourism Studies. The learning at Sahyog College is implemented via a Balanced Blend of Theory Sessions, Practical’s, Industrial Training and Industrial Visits, annual trips, varied round the year events, webinars & guest sessions.

WHAT MORE? Sahyog College adds a powerful edge to its Bachelor’s Degree by providing 6 MANDATORY COMPLIMENTARY CERTIFICATIONS along with Graduation. These skill based Certifications are a blend of Practical’s and Theory sessions, wherein students are judged based on their overall grasp of the topic. Here’s the list of Certifications offered:
- Certification in Basics of Indian Cuisine
- Certification in International Breads
- Certification in Bar Tending
- Certification in Concierge
- Certification in Travel Itinerary Planning & Management

 These Certifications make the students EMPLOYABLE & their Graduation years more ENJOYABLE!

- Prof. Shree Patki
Dept. of Hospitality Studies