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“Why Reading this post will make you SMARTER than your Classmates”

Outcome of the disruption followed by upheaval in H&T Sectors has been oversupply of candidates and less demand. 

This pandemic cum technologically induced Demand-Supply imbalance will compel HR’s in the Industry to be more selective and diligent during hiring process. Thus, the entry criteria and the bar is now stricter for the aspirants desiring, not only to enter but also sustain and make their mark in these Industries. 

This means two things:
If one has NO SKILLS / is UNDERSKILLED then you will not get a job / you will not be required for the job in the long run.
Being a holder of a Bachelor’s Degree but no skills tantamount to being an IRRELEVANT ILLITERATE GRADUATE or an also-ran.

“All these skills can be learned along with your Graduation as a supplement”

We know that Full Time Graduation Program in Hospitality & Tourism Studies can be really hectic. However, you always have that evening spare time, weekends, holidays, vacations and study leaves which can be effectively utilized to professionally learn and study those skills.

These skills coupled with your Core Departmental knowledge & task execution skills will always help you stay ahead of the curve thus paving a new pathway to success.

So, read on as we reveal few MUST-HAVE SKILLS for every student who’s currently studying or is planning to study Hospitality & Tourism Studies to stay relevant.

Okay okay okay yeahhhhh we know it’s assumed and everyone knows how to do that… But, surprisingly many Graduate students are oblivious to basic computer handling and operating.
This is due to lack of access to computational resources & knowledge during early schooling.
Basic Computer Skills can mean knowledge and understanding the basic components connected with it like:
- Keyboard Skills for quick navigation
- Basic Hardware assembling skills
- Knowledge of MS-Office (Especially making PPT’s)
- Browser Navigational Skills


As the Internet reach improves so is the need to reach the right clientele. Log-in to your favorite Social Media app and its overflowing with content that emanates from almost everywhere supplemented by many mini ads vying for your attention.
Challenge is to ensure that it reaches the right audience, which is where the job of Digital Marketer comes into picture. Hospitality Industry is on a mission to incorporate, capitalize & leverage this DIGI BURST to propel and transform it to the next level.
So, learning Digital Marketing will only elevate and expand your career horizons.

Whether you are;
- An Aspiring Chef
- Bartender
- Front Desk Personnel
- F&B Personnel
- Tour Guide
Good written & conversational skills in Foreign Languages will open many doors & activate countless other benefits like;
- Gives you competitive edge over others
- Activate alternative career options for you
- BOOSTS: Brain Power, memory & critical thinking ability.
- Enhances your CQ – Culture Quotient i.e. keenness to learn about & accept new cultures in an unbiased manner.


- REJECTION in interviews followed by dejection
- NO Interview Calls
- RIDICULED by an Interviewer
- LOST in the huge pool of other CV’s

If you DON’T want the above to happen to you then…
Make the efforts from today onwards to learn the SUBTLE ART OF WRITING YOUR CV in the most professional manner. Your CV is a Gateway to myriad job opportunities.

CV Writing is a skill that has to be steadily learned & sharpened. Which means you have to learn & polish it from the First Year itself and not in your Final Year of Graduation in the midst of Placements Season. 

“People don’t leave jobs for jobs, they leave jobs for people”

Technical / Job related skills are undeniably important, however 85% of success especially in the Service Sector industries like Hospitality & Tourism is due to HUMAN ENGINEERING, which is nothing but an ability to….. READ, MANAGE AND LEAD PEOPLE. Employers will always prefer to hire people who display a strong blend of interpersonal skills also called as People Skills / Soft Skills like:
- Collaboration Skills
- Conflict Management & negotiation
- Right Temperament
- Patience
- Dependability
- Good Spoken & Written Communication Skills

Your consistency, behavior throughout the course & approach towards your subjects, lectures, practical’s, active participation during college events and extra-curricular events will help you steadily inculcate these much needed interpersonal skills.
“Read the Above Paragraph Again”


If you are someone who’s interested in Front Office /Reservations / Ticketing then the knowledge of GDS – Global Distribution System is PARMOUNT with no exception.
In simple words knowledge of GDS means knowledge of software’s like Galileo / Amadeus / Worldspan / Fidelio etc.

Which means learning cryptic language commands to undertake tasks like;
- Reserving Airline Tickets
- Booking Hotel Rooms
- Seats on transportation
- Booking sightseeing activities at destinations
And many more tasks….

A Graduate with GDS Knowledge stands a definite edge


“Lack of financial acumen in today’s world is certainly a recipe for disaster”

On the other hand learning Accounts & Finance will certainly “empower you” (especially if you are aspiring entrepreneur) with many benefits like:
- Ability to read & understand Balance Sheets & Profit Ratios
- Making better decisions when it comes to resources planning and resources allocation
- Implementing Cost Control measures based on health of Balance Sheet
- Understanding the cash flows and possible leak points
- Sourcing cost effective vendors for procurement of Raw Materials for your business
- Make effective organizational investments and profitably manage wealth

Many students studying Hospitality Management don’t take their Accounting lectures seriously, only to be greeted by venture failures & haphazard financial planning for businesses.


Engulfed by health related issues and pandemic, IMMUNITY CONSCIOUS MILLENIALS today wants everything that’s not only, “healthy & immunity boosting but also affordable” Aspiring Foodpreneurs & Chefs will have to find a way to cater to this demand. Here, your knowledge about FOOD SAFETY & NUTRITION will go a long way in helping you to create a menu that’s:
- Yummy
- Healthy
- Hygienic
- Nutritious
Thus nourishing and enriching your career to next level.


Imagine a Chef who, not only cooks but grows his own vegetables and that too in the backyard of his own restaurant? Vegetables that are rich in nutrients and without harmful fertilizers and insecticides. Moreover Chef is then not dependent on market to supply him with stock every day.
The answer is URBAN FARMING where tiny spaces like balcony walls, community gardens, rooftops etc are used to grow fruits and vegetables. Learn this and your career will certainly get a booster shot.


No, we aren’t referring to Technical Networking but, HUMAN NETWORKING- Art of Making & Maintaining Contacts.
Networking is crucial because it allows you to;
- Keep in touch with people WHO MATTER in your circles
- Get updates about new opportunities in your Industry
- Stay Updated with industry trends
- Meet potential mentors, partners, and clients
- Gain access to the resources you need to advance your career.

So, learn the art of making and retaining friends as you never now WHEN, WHY, WHO & HOW can any of your contacts be of help for you.


Since past 3 years our general video consumption has increased tremendously in the form of Vlogs, web series, reels, status updates, promo videos and many more….
We all consume different content of our liking by watching videos. Today people prefer short but valuable videos.
So, why just be a consumer try to be a Producer too. Video Making & Editing is a skill that can activate many NEW AGE careers like,
- Vlogging
- Reels Specialist
- Instagrammer
- Destination Documentary Maker
- Experiential Video Creator


Analytics is at its core, a problem-solving tool. With the rise in the usage of analytics across industries, having the abilities to work with data isn't just useful; it's practically necessary. Client hungry Hospitality organizations & Travel Agencies today are attempting to improve their operations & client loyalty by utilizing new data & making the best possible use of existing data. Learning Data Analytics will certainly elevate your career to next level.


FINALLY, Hospitality & Tourism Industries are by nature dynamic which means that, the things that you are learning today may transform once you step into the industry. So, once in Industry one has to willingly UNLEARN the old, embrace the new & not stay rigid. Balance lies in successfully juxtaposing your conceptual learning that you amassed during your college years with the operational requirements of the organization.

Consistent Success is possible when one attempts to be an “OPPORTUNITY SEEKER & PROBLEM SOLVER”

 - Prof. Shree Patki
Dept. of Hospitality Studies