What are Millennial’s Thinking about this Ghost??

Doors closing on its own with a squeak...
Chairs moving on its own,
Cutlery dropping on its own,
these are incidents from some spooky ghost movie….

Your devices, home appliances, equipment’s & tools sending you a text message/calling you can be even more spookier scaring the living daylights out of anyone right??

Is it even possible & is it real???
Intelligent communication in today’s age is not only between humans but also when devices talk to human beings….


But how is this possible?????

Don’t be scared, it’s not GHOST its IOT. (Internet of Things)

IOT is your answer, it has enabled new style of communication between objects and even between individuals and objects. Smartly installed sensor chips in daily use objects amass relevant data and then pass on this information. This data amassed is thus used to take the timely corrective actions, repairs or maintenance.


DEFINING IOT (Hotel Industry)

“Network of digital devices and machines that are interrelated through internet for enhanced guest experience and optimized expenses”

“Comfort with click & service at the press of a button”, is not a line from some Sci-Fi but a desire that is harbored by millennials OR let’s call them as Technnials.

Hotel services is no exception to this tech trend & is rapidly making strides to adapt as well as adopt these tech tools in its regular operations.

In this Blog Post we’ll shed a quick light on amazing technology named, IOT which stands for Internet of Things and its influence on Hospitality Industry.


- Smart Lighting that guests can control from their phone devices
- Guests no more have to wait in long check-in and check-out ques
- Increased Safety with the help of smart door locks that can be remotely controlled
- Super customization by better understanding of guests their likes, dislikes, preferences, spending habits, important days in their life like birthdays, anniversaries etc.
- IoT powered thermostats can control room temperature and can set the water shower temperature as per the guests comfort.
- Geo feature in IOT enables the guests to easily navigate and locate the amenities throughout the Hotel. M-Concierge is IOT empowered
- Remember the guest preferences like a genius in terms of special requests, favorite foods, wine and many more….


- Monitoring of critical infrastructure, tools and equipment’s (HVAC systems) so that timely maintenance can be carried out before the point of breakdown is reached. (This is possible due to timely updates provided by embedded IoT Chips)

- Mr. Peter has a habit of consuming Apple juice before retiring to bed and he ordered it during his stay at Hotel ABC Goa however Mr Peter was stunned and astonished 3 years later when he checked into the Hotel ABC Istanbul (belonging to the same chain) and he was offered Apple Juice there. How was this possible???
IOT is the answer… Hotel Chains can create a Centralized Database and can use to their leverage thus taking IOT empowered CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to the next level altogether.
- IOT can also handle other tasks like Facility Management, Inventory management thus saving on manpower and documentation costs.
- Energy consumption can be optimized as IOT records energy consumption patterns throughout the year based on various parameters like energy consumption during peak, shoulder and lean seasons.

All Izz Well? 

Well Not completely…. There are few challenges on the way like….

Humungous & incessant data feeds that emanate from multiple devices can overwhelm the staff if not properly channelized, coordinated daily and acted upon.

Connectivity is dependent on Internet speeds, whereas Hotels based on remote locations may face trouble with Internet speeds posing further challenge for IOT management.


- Data collected by IOT in Hotels is still susceptible to hacking and theft. The danger lurks if hacker can potentially trade off this data on the dark web in return of a good sum… This is certainly not awesome…
- IOT devices can double up as eavesdropping devices making it very counterproductive.

The need of the hour is to create a FIREWALL to ensure data safety and guest privacy. Even the company data has to be firewalled. IoT is especially vulnerable because too many IoT devices are built without strong encryption, or by companies that are unfamiliar with current security requirements.

Despite of challenges we can claim with confidence that, “IOT is an impact maker & here to stay and transform Hospitality Sector worldwide….

Compiled By
Ajay Ratnam

Edited By
Prof. Shree Patki