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Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)

Bachelor of Management Studies or BMS is an undergraduate program for management studies offered by the University of Mumbai. The course allows you to obtain the knowledge and skills needed to assume management positions in a wide range of organizations. Management studies programmes provide students with a solid foundation in organizational behavior and human resource management while electives in labor-management relations, negotiation, conflict resolution, compensation systems, and organizational development allow students to develop deeper knowledge in specific areas of interest. In addition to the business management course, it will equip you to understand how organizations work, how they are managed, and how they interact with object-oriented programming using c++ and data structures, national and international environments.

This programme enables students to develop advanced knowledge and skills in a range of business functions while setting them within the wider context of current business practice. In the first and second years, students have a variety of choices with an understanding of the role of the core business disciplines

In the third year, students will study Organizational Strategy and they will have a choice of subjects from a list of options, based on their own interests and career aspirations. These options offer excellent opportunities to gain relevant work experience to prepare for their careers or add an international dimension to their undergraduate study.


  Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) Eligibility Criteria









Introduction to Financial Accounts

Principles of Marketing

Environmental Management (FC-III)

Business Economics – II

Logistics Supply Chain Management

Operation Research

Business Low

Industrial Law

Business Planning & Entrepreneurial Mgmt.

Business Research Methods

Corporate Communication & Public Relations

Project Work

Business Statistics

Business Mathematics

Accounting for Managerial Decisions

Ethics & Governance (FC-IV)

Marketing Group – (Specialisation)

  • Service Marketing
  • E-Commerce and Digital Marketing
  • Sales and Distribution Mgmt.
  • Customer Relationship Mgmt.

Marketing Group – (Specialisation)

  • Brand Mgmt.
  • Retail Mgmt.
  • International Marketing
  • Media Planning and Mgmt.

Business Communication – I

Business Communication – II

Strategic Management

Production & Total Quality Management

Foundation Course – I

Value Education and Soft Skill – (FC-II)

Information Technology in Business Mgmt. – I

Information Technology in Business Mgmt. – II

Foundation of Human Skills

Business Environment

Marketing Group – Elective

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Advertising

Marketing Group – Elective

  • Integrated Marketing Communication
  • Rural Marketing

Business Economics – I

Principles of Management

Human Resource Group – Elective

  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Motivation & Leadership

Human Resource Group – Elective

  • Training & Development in HRM
  • Human Resource Planning & Information System

Human Resource Group – (Specialisation)

  • Finance for HR Professionals and Compensation Mgmt.
  • Strategic Human Resource Mgmt. & HR Policies
  • Performance Mgmt. and Career Planning
  • Industrial Relations

Human Resource Group – (Specialisation)

  • HRM in Global Perspective
  • Organizational Development
  • HRM in Service Sector Mgmt.
  • Human Resource Planning & Information

  Skills Enhancement:

The management field demands a student to have some particular skills to manage different types of work. These skills are inculcated among students throughout the three years degree course. Various Webinars, Seminars, Workshops, Guest lectures are provided for developing these skills. Check out the table below to know some of the skills inculcated after learning BMS below:

  Skillsets Developed Throughout the Course

Team Player

Professional Communication Skills and Behavioral Grooming

Writing Skills


Conversational Skills

Consulting and Problem Solving Skills



Persuading skills

Leadership Skills


Critical and Analytical Thinking


Strong work ethic



Time management



Welcome to the Training and Placement Cell of Commerce and Management Department. The Placement Cell endeavors to become a link between the students and companies by building up their capacity and networking with Industries.


Department of Commerce and Management we always believe in providing our students with the right talent and personality to face the industry requirements. Our focus is on developing new approaches to attract the best from industry to our campus. The department makes continuous efforts to identify the needs of industries and students are trained accordingly to satisfy these needs to the maximum possible extent.


The Cell is headed by Dr. Rupali Jadhav. She has completed her UG in ACCOUNTS, MHRM, ECONOMICS, and PG in ACCOUNTS, STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT ETC, and Doctorate in ENVIRONMENTAL ACCOUNTING FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: A STUDY OF SELECTED COMPANIES IN WAGLE INDUSTRIAL AREA OF MIDC, THANE. She has 15 Years of Experience in the fraternity of Education.

  Highlights of the Training and Placement activities:

Placement cell regularly conducting following activities:

  Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) Career Options and Job Prospects:

After pursuing a Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) degree, students can explore different career opportunities while beginning their professional journey. Interested students can go for higher studies and pursue a master’s degree - ideally an MBA to further advance in their career.

The course provides students with an adequate understanding of management, making them fit for jobs in the areas such as Academic Institutions, Marketing & Sales, Finance & Retail, & Consulting, etc. Here’s a list of popular job roles for students with BMS degree: