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Bachelor’s in Science in Hospitality Studies (BSc – HS)

Bachelor’s in Science in Hospitality Studies BSc – HS is undergraduate program in Hospitality Studies affiliated to University of Mumbai. The duration of this intensive course is 3 years full time. The Course Curriculum is spread over 6 Semesters with an aim of equipping the students with contemporary knowledge and skills that are essential to successfully work in different components of dynamic Hospitality sector. The course comprises not only in class learning but also extensive laboratory work in the core areas of Hospitality like Food Production, Food & Beverage Service, Housekeeping and Front Office.

The balanced blend which includes, academic learning, lab enabled practical hands on learning and extra – curricular activities creates holistic approach of learning that provides timely encouragement to the students to come up with many creative ideas throughout their Graduation years. This leads to brief understanding of the core and allied working areas of any Hospitality organization empowering the students to easily opt for specialization in the final year of Graduation based on their liking and aptitude.

Keeping in mind the consistent and dire need for skilled and job ready young professionals. The core UG Curriculum at Sahyog College is strengthened with 6 FREE CERTIFICATION COURSES. The primary aim of this is to strengthen operational skills, inculcating right attitude with requisite management skills and ultimately molding the entrepreneurial mind-set. These Certifications are evenly spread throughout the 3 years keeping the learners hooked to the program.



Duration: 3 Years Full Time

Affiliated to University of Mumbai


It is our immense pleasure to welcome you to our Department of Hospitality Studies, Sahyog College, Thane. This era of metamorphosis calls for a complete change of perspective and a total operational modification in every area of Hospitality. After all, change is the reality that one cannot fight but must willingly embrace and earnestly attempt to glean something new out of it.

New business landscape has indeed modified the required skills set at every organizational level. It has been our conscious endeavor to successfully juxtapose the novel skills set demanded by Hospitality Industry with our Pedagogy. This leads us to observe, study, analyze, research, engage and come up with relevant models of learning that are most suitable for a new age learner.  

The programs at our Institute not only impart education about the core verticals of Hotel Operations but also focus on developing the new age skills sets amongst students, transforming them into balanced and wholesome beings, ready to conquer & capitalize on the new avenues. Afterall like Chef Alain Ducasse famously quotes, “Techniques are not the most difficult to teach. The attitudes chefs take are much more important.” 

Skillsets Developed Throughout the Course:

Team Management

Professional Communication Skills and Behavioral Grooming

Writing Skills


Conversational Skills

Consulting and Problem Solving Skills



Persuading skills

Leadership Skills


Critical and Analytical Thinking


Strong work ethic



Time management



The Hospitality industry in India is witnessing tremendous growth due to an excellent surge in tourism. We offer a three-year hotel management programme concentrating on hospitality, tour, travel management that promise immense opportunities in the hospitality industry. Students will get educated on food, beverage, and accommodation management. Our education modules give emphasis on both practical and operational perception. The Syllabus will make students familiar with food production and patisserie, food safety and nutrition, room division management, hospitality law, and HR management. We empower students to achieve their goals in the national as well as the international hospitality industry.


Semester I

Semester II

Semester III

Semester IV

Semester V

Semester VI

Food Production & Patisserie - I

Food Production & Patisserie - II

Food Production & Patisserie - III

Industrial Exposure Training

Food Production & Patisserie

Organizational Behavior

Food & Bev Service - I

Food & Bev Service - II

Food & Beverage Service - III

Food & Beverage Operations Management

Strategic Management

Front Office - I

Front Office - II

Front Office - III

Front Office

Event Planning, Marketing & Management

Housekeeping - I

Housekeeping - II

Housekeeping - III


Core Elective (Any Two)

Rooms Division Mgmt. (Practical) - I

Rooms Division Mgmt. (Practical) - II

Rooms Division Mgmt. (Practical) - III

Rooms Division Management(Practical)

Advanced Food Production

Communication Skill - I (Eng. & French)

Communication Skill - II (Eng. & French)

Hotel Accountancy & Cost Control

Corporate English

Advanced Food & Beverage Operations Management

Information Technology

Principles of Hotel Accountancy

Hospitality Law & Human Resource Management

Environmental & Sustainable Tourism

Advanced Housekeeping

Food Safety & Nutrition

Principles of Management

Management Information System in the Hospitality Industry

Advanced Front Office

Advanced Bakery & Confectionery

Allied Elective (Any ONE)

Revenue Management

Foreign Language (French)

Services Marketing

Financial Management

Strategic Human Resource Management

Training, Placement and Entrepreneurship Cell:

A crucial pillar of any Institute and a major stakeholder in shaping the student’s future. TP&E Cell at SCHM not only endeavors to place the student but also attempts to actively inculcate Entrepreneurial mindset in the students. Initiatives like Mock Interviews, Group Discussions, CV Writing, Communication Skills Workshop, Digital Profile creation workshop and many more are regularly organized for the students. This is accomplished by building a robust connect between different stakeholders like students, faculty & staff, industry and its components and Alumni. TP&E cell also assists to create an eco-system where career planning occupies Center Stage



The Cell is headed by Dr. Dattatray Kawade (Placements) and Prof.Shree R Patki (Training).

Highlights of the Training and Placement activities:

Placement cell regularly conducting following activities:

Bachelors in Science Hospitality Studies (BSC-HS) Career Options and Job Prospects: