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About the Library:

College Library is an essential component of academic and research activities. The library provides information services to assist the Institute's teaching, learning, research, and outreach operations. The Library is actively engaged in planning and delivering need-based information services, with users at the core of its activities. The library contains a diverse range of textbooks, reference books, magazines, newspapers, question paper sets, and e-journals.

The Library has a collection of 2,000 books related to various programs and subjects offered by the institute every year.

The Library Committee is chaired by the Principal, with the librarian serving as secretary, and members including HODs from all departments, one non-teaching staff representative, and one student representative. The group is created to prepare rules, funding allocation for each department for book purchases, and proposals for improving information services.

Students, teaching and non-teaching employees, as well as society members, can become library members and access all of the library's services.

E-Newspaper List:

Sr. No. Name of E-Paper Link
1 Times of India (English)
2 The Indian Express
3 The Economics Times (English)
4 Dainik Bhashkar (Hindi)
5 Nabharat Times (Hindi)
6 Navabharat (Hindi)
7 Sakal (Marathi)
8 Lokmat (Marathi)
9 Loksatta (Marathi)
10 Punyanagari (Marathi)