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Sahyog College, Thane offers C.C in Radiololgy from Maharashtra State Board of Vocational Education. Radiology is the study of the diagnosis of diseases with the help of medicine as well as technology. It is classified in majorly two fields including diagnostic radiology and interventional radiology. Here, one of the branches of radiology is a specialisation of medicine that uses X-Ray images to detect diseases or injuries whereas the other is the study of using imaging techniques such as CT Scans, MRI, etc., for the purpose of providing treatment directions.


Eligibilty Criteria:
Admission Procedure:

Candidates can fill the application form either in online or offline mode for admission to the Degree course:

Online Mode:-

Offline Mode:-

An offline application form can also be completed by submitting the completely filled application form along with a Required documents to the college premises.

Documents Required For Admission: 

A list of documents which are needed to be submitted at the time of admission is mentioned below:

Course Structure:

Sr.No Subjects Subject Code

General Anatomy & Anatomy Of Heart


C T Scan, X-Ray, ECG Technique


General Anatomy & Anatomy Of Heart - Practical

4 C T Scan, X-Ray, ECG Technique - Practical

Job Prospects:

The Healthcare industry is among the fastest-growing industries in India and the world. But the fastest-growing industry requires skilled and qualified professionals. Pursuing a C.C in Radiology is a perfect opportunity to enter the healthcare industry. Career opportunities and job options after C.C in Radiology are also immense.

Some of the job profiles that you can pursue after  C.C  in Radiology course are as follows:

Job Profiles:

These job profiles can be found in different areas of employment and industries. If you wish to pursue a career after C.C in Radiology, then you can find employment opportunities in the following areas: